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Risk management

SECCREDO experience shows that the best way to evaluate risk management procedures and practices in an organization is audit, or objective assessment of the situation. SECCREDO uses adaptive approach and together with the Client develops and proposes Risk management audits in needed level of depth and by focusing the assessment towards identified risk areas. The result of Risk management audit is a report which includes conclusions and recommendations.

Often, after the audit is performed, SECCREDO provides further consulting services to prevent identified threats or flaws and reduce the risks in the organization.

General security audit – standardized company’s risk management assessment which typically is performed in two main steps:

- initial assessment; during this step an information gathering and verification is performed in Client’s organization. Most often this step also consists of interviews with management, collection of data on company’s operation – security incidents, threats, risks, internal regulations and documentation.

- Assessment of identified risk areas and factors.

Information security audit – term Information security refers to processes and methods, which are developed and put in to practice, to protect printed, electronic or other type of private or secret information, as well as data, from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, termination, modification or damage.

Information security audit includes assessment of circumstances, preparation of conclusions and recommendations on the information security situation in Client’s organization, or for example, in specific premises or structural unit.

Fire safety and civil defense audit – audit is performed by SECCREDO contract consultant - specialist in emergency situations and fire safety. The objective of this audit is to verify Organization’s existing fire safety and civil defense documentation and regulations, compliance of the company’s premises and equipment to the Legislation and regulations of the Fire Safety and Civil defense legislation, as well as to assess the actual readiness of the company’s personal to act in the emergency situations.

As the result of Audit, Client is provided with a detailed report which includes the evaluation of the specialist on the fire safety and civil defense situation in organization’s premises as well as the recommendation on the improvements to be made to reduce the corresponding risks.

Trainings and seminars

Crucial aspect of risk management is the education and training of the personnel. It includes management level personnel, as well as the staff of the front office, back office and new employees. SECCREDO has extensive experience and qualified personnel to develop and execute various training programs in the fields of general security, risk and crisis management.

SECCREDO develops the specific training programs in electronic environment or can perform training of the personnel in face to face lectures and situation simulations of various depths.

Information security and technological support

SECCREDO provides to its Clients various specialized information security and IT security technological support services. If requested by the Client, International network of SECCREDO partner organizations allows to involve specialists from Northern and Western Europe with international experience.