Intelligence Investigation Risk management Crisis management

Investigations and detective services

SECCREDO has extensive and international experience in providing consulting services related to investigation of crimes in finances and economy. Typically SECCREDO offers its services to organizations in cases of fraud, threat situations or other illicit actions.

If needed SECCREDO involves operative resources – consultants that have received Detective’s certificate (in accordance with legal requirements of corresponding jurisdiction).

When providing consulting services related to investigations, SECCREDO can involve other available competences – crisis situation response, intelligence, information security and other.

Asset identification and recovery

Often within investigation or other consulting services SECCREDO resources are used to track and identify the assets in various jurisdictions. Often information obtained in these assignments is used by the Clients in further court proceedings.

Representation in state authorities

When providing consulting services to organizations that have faced criminal offence, SECCREDO can provide competent and authorized representation of the Client’s organization in corresponding law enforcement institutions. Involved SECCREDO consultants have extensive experience of work in law enforcement institutions as well as private sector.

Intellectual property protection

Resources available to SECCREDO allow to help its corporate Clients to investigate how counterfeited products are being manufactured, exported and realized. SECCREDO international network of partner entities and contract consultants allow us to investigate irregularities in dangerous and complicated environments. Often to investigate and prevent trade of counterfeited products, assignments are performed involving and cooperating with corresponding local law enforcement institutions.