Intelligence Investigation Risk management Crisis management

Background screenings and Due Diligence

To obtain and verify information on various entities SECCREDO offers standardized screenings of various levels of depth. In each level Client is offered a certain amount of information that is gathered and analyzed in the specific screening – depending on the objectives stated by the Client.

Also screenings can be performed taking into account specific objectives stated by the Client. For example - asset tracking, contact information, location or other.

Research and analysis

SECCREDO has wide and international experience in execution of various research and analysis projects. Typical examples include risk and security evaluations in specific market segments of certain regions or countries. This can include for example, topics related to organized crime, illegal circulation of excise goods and other themes.

When executing Research and analysis assignments abroad, SECCREDO resources allow to use the competences of local partner entities or contract consultants. This gives a competitive advantage to SECCREDO Clients, especially when combined with the experience and knowledge of SECCREDO own staff.

Data processing and analysis

Often in relation to Research and Analysis services, SECCREDO provides services related to processing and analysis of large volumes of data. Typically these kind of assignments are related to investigation of internal or external fraud cases. When performing these type of services SECCREDO used highly qualified personnel, modern technologies and methodology. Most often consulting services related to data processing and analysis are provided to Clients from finance industry.

The essence of this service is to provide the Client with clear, comprehensible form of information that can be of use in the context of Client’s objectives and originates from the initial large and incomprehensible volumes of unsystemized data.

Country analysis and travel security

Entrepreneurship in a foreign country requires certain knowledge and understanding of local environment. This is valid in cases if it is a short business trip or a long term business investment project.

SECCREDO Country analysis and Travel security reports provide security related base information that one needs to know on the specific territory; it helps organizations to prepare and assess the risks related to operation in the specific foreign territory. From the Reports Client can obtain understanding on current security situation in the region, political stability, business environment, overall economic situation and other.

Travel security reports are directed towards personal security providing information on the risk factors in the specific region.


All information gathering performed by the SECCREDO is based on an agreement concluded between Client and SECCREDO. The agreement includes legal aspects of data processing, SECCREDO’s obligations and responsibilities according to legal regulations.

In all its actions SECCREDO complies with the local and international legislation.

International network of SECCREDO partner organizations and contract consultants allows performing background screenings in any economically active region of the World.

To receive detailed proposal on consulting services please contact SECCREDO.